• Annie Moyo

How Your Brand Can Impact Society on Mandela Day

Mandela Day is a global event that celebrates and honours the legacy of South Africa’s late President Nelson Mandela, who was committed to the betterment of society.

A true example of a brand that impacted society in a good way. The call to action of this day is to honour Nelson Mandela by spending 67 minutes promoting peace, reconciliation and fighting poverty. Being kind, humble and generous.

There is room for all forms of giving - philanthropy, corporate social investment (CSI) and shared value. Every act contributing to the advancement of others is celebrated and encouraged. During lockdown and the COVID crisis, this Mandela Day will be different. Less of us will be taking up opportunities that allow human contact.

Here are a few simple but meaningful acts of kindness that you as a personal brand could undertake or even as an organisational brand:

1. Feed the Homeless or Hungry

Spend your 67 minutes putting together food packages and get your employees, partners and customers involved. This can be done from your homes. There are some non-profit organisations that are set up and able to receive your packages and distribute them on your behalf. Visit

2.     Spend Time with the Elderly

Why not arrange for some video calls to speak to or read to the elderly. Consider spending an hour engaging with the elderly via video, get your family and friends involved. Make it festive and meaningful. The elderly are a group of people that we sometimes tend to forget. Having a conversation with older people in your community may contribute positively to their wellbeing.

3.     Spend Time with the Young People

Spend your Mandela Day minutes mentoring, coaching, inspiring and encouraging the youth. Get in touch with a University and offer your time to contact 2 or 3 students and encourage them during this difficult time. Many students in higher education are taking strain studying from home. Contact the career offices at the different Universities and see how you can help.

4.     Do Some Manual Labour, For Free

Look around your neighbourhood. Are there any buildings in your community that need help in maintenance? Grab a paintbrush, some paint, your mask and help restore a building or home. Maintain social distancing and sanitise accordingly at all times.

5.     For Those in Our Profession of Brand and Marketing

Offer a free service to create a couple of logos and a small stationery pack for a non-profit organisation that may not have the time to do so themselves. Many of these organisation do amazing work and could get more funding and publicity if they had something as simple as a proper logo and a letterhead. Sounds small and modest but it could make a world of a difference and go a long way. 

In addition to this, we have the talent and ability to create some memorable designs that could be used to educate and inform people about this day. Let’s use that. Spend some of your Mandela Day time influencing our content, brand and marketing community to play a role in keeping Nelson Mandela's legacy alive and in living colour

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