Branding Identity & Brand Consultancy

We are able to consult, design and assist in the roll out of your brand identity. Our additional offering is matching that brand identity to a socially responsibile cause or intent.

Good brand identity design helps a brand to clearly articulate their brand intention and offering with the target audience. Once you have their attention you can communicate so much more and slowly shift paradigms and mindsets - it facilitates social impact and change.

Annie Moyo, ABC Founder

One of our great competencies is logo design, creating style guides and brand guidelines. Well informed creative design supports marketing efforts by building brand awareness, creating positive associations and brand recognition.

An established brand identity ensures an agreed standard approach to the application and interpretation of the logo, creative styling and brand identity. Your brand identity is the image portrayed to your customers, an effective brand consulting company help you achieve that.

A strong brand identity should pass our A Brand Creation 6 point Brand ID Stress Test. Answering yes to all of the below means the brand has a tight and coherent brand identity.


Does it communicate your brand personality?


Does it accurately shape your customers perceptions of who you are?


Does it communicate what customers can expect in terms of quality, service and reliability?


Does it create trust from those who do business with you?


Does it help differentiate you from your competitors?


Does it positively influence purchasing decisions?